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Golf is s game of skill. Golf is a mental game.

The stress that golf puts on the mind is as stressful as a full day at work. You go out to the golf course to relax, only to find yourself unhappy, unmotivated and depressed because you did not perform how you expected too.

You say to yourself, “I choked.”

The mental game of golf is fair more important than the physical game of golf. How is this you ask?

The player does not have anyone to depend on but themselves. They are 100% responsible for every aspect of their play. The emotional, and logical toll this places on the mind is tremendous. The mind becomes stressed and the physical skills falls far short than what it could have been.

Master Hypnotist Thomas Bresadola has crafted a uniquely special golf motivational & relaxation hypnosis session. Golf is one of the few games that a person must stay mind focused and relaxed at the exact same time. These two forcers are always at odds with each other. To get them to work in tandem is a mental skill that a few have developed.

This unique and exclusive crafted hypnosis session assists your mind into forming an alliance between motivation and relaxation specifically for the game of golf. You will forge and merge of motivation and relaxation to stay better focused on letting your body stay relaxed throughout your physical swing. Your mind will have a clearer vision of decision making of how to play your ball. Having your mind focused and relaxed at the exact same time is a mental skill that you can develop.

Golf is a mental game. Hypnosis is the tool that can mold your mind into becoming a relaxed, focused golf champion
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